Beef Butchering Sheet

Beef Cut Sheet

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One of the advantages of buying a side of beef from a’MAYS’ing meats is that you can have it custom cut to your specifications. This document is designed to allow you to choose how you want those cuts made. Download and print it out, scan and send it back to email or just answer the questions in an email. You are also welcome to call us with your cutting instructions. 740-967-1860 Thank you

Decision 1 – How thick do you want your steaks cut?

¾ inch _ 1 inch o

Decision 2 – How many steaks do you want per package?

2 per package o 3 per package o ___ per package ($15) charge for 1 per pack.

Decision 3 – T-bones or New York strips and filets

The t- bone comes from the same part of the animal as the New York strip and filet. Specifically, the smaller, tenderloin part of the t- bone is where the filet comes from and the other side of the bone is where the New York strip steaks come from. (There is an extra, one time, deboning fee of $5 if you choose the New York strip and filet.)

I want t- bone steaks _ I want New York strip steaks and filets o

(In case you are wondering, the porterhouse steak is just the larger end of the t- bone.)

Decision 4 – Do you want bone in rib-eye steaks or boneless rib-eye steaks?

There is a onetime $5 fee for boneless rib-eye steaks.

I want bone in rib-eye steaks I want boneless rib-eye steaks o

Decision 5 – Do you want roasts?

Slow cooked roasts are sooooo good! I would recommend you include the four roasts (1 – rump, 2 – tip, 1 – heal of round) in your order. However, some people simply want these cuts included in the ground beef.

I want the four roasts _ I want these cuts be added to the ground beef o

Decision 6 – Do you want round steak, cube steak or more ground beef?

Round steak is one of the tougher cuts. It is still very good, but you would probably want to prepare it in a long, slow cook process in a frying pan or crock pot rather than putting it on the grill. Another option is to have the round steak turned into cubed steak, where the meat gets ran thru a cubing machine with lots of sharp parts and it pokes holes into the meat to make it tender. The final option is to have this part of the beef added to the ground beef.

Round steak o Cube steak o Added to the ground beef _

Decision 7 – Do you want arm roasts, chuck roasts, or more ground beef?

The arm and chuck roasts are also fairly tough cuts of meat. Again, they are excellent if slow cooked, but they aren’t roasts you would put in the oven with the intent of slicing it and serving it when it is medium rare. There are two or three of each of these roasts in a side of beef and they are generally packaged in either 2 or 3 pound sizes.

Arm roasts – 2 pound _ 3 pound o Added to the ground beef o

Chuck roasts – 2 pound _ 3 pound o Added to the ground beef o

Decision 8 – Do you want stew meat?

Stew meat is simply some of the roasts chunked and packaged for you. They are 1lb packs. We usually make three.

I want stew meat o Add it to the ground beef _

Decision 9 – Do you want the heart, tongue, or liver?

You are welcome to the heart or tongue. These are packaged whole and there are a number of excellent recipes for these cuts. Beef tongue soup is a favorite of many people. On the other hand, some folks would simply prefer to not receive these. The liver is thinly sliced and in 1 pound packages, and is more popular than the heart or tongue. If you opt to not receive any of these they are not added to the ground beef.

I want the heart _ tongue _ liver _

Decision 10 – What about soup bones?

If you choose, you can get several packages of soup bones.

I want soup bones ×

Decision 11 – What about barbecued ribs?

If you want, you can choose to have the ribs. I personally prefer Highland ribs slow cooked rather than barbequed, to allow that great Highland beef taste to come out. If you opt to not get ribs, the meat from the ribs is added to the ground beef.

I want ribs _ Add it to the ground beef o

Decision 12 – Do you want any of your ground beef made into patties?

We can make ¼ pound patties for you. There are two down sides to doing this. First, there is an extra charge of $1.50 per package.

# of packages___ (this can help us to give you a total cost now.) or

You can select to have ¼___, ½_____, ¾____, or all____ your ground beef into patties.

Patties are 2lbs per package (8 patties). This item is the only item that is freezer wrapped but not vacuum sealed.

Thank you. We appreciate your business.