Hog Butchering Sheet

Hog Butcher Sheet

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Hams- cured (smoked) __ /fresh ham steaks___ / roasts__/put into sausage__

How do you want hams cut?  leave whole__/ cut in half___/ 2 small ham ends with steaks cut from middle___/ or all steaks($10 fee per ham)____


Shoulders (pork butt) fresh steaks___/roasts____/ put into sausage___

Sides (bacon) cured (smoked) ___/fresh____/ put into sausage_____

Regular cut____/ thick cut_____


Loins (chops) how many in package 4___/5___/6____/____ (if less than 4 in package there is a onetime charge of $15.   These are bone in chops.


If you want butterfly chops then there is a $5 fee to go boneless. _________butterfly chops ____# in package. Or pork loin roast ___leave whole/ cut into (2)or(3)or(4) pound roasts  ____


Sausage: for the sausage we have some choices listed below. We can divide your sausage however you would like it. There are 4 choices.


Sage seasoned: this is a one pound package and cost $.50 per pound.

¼___, ½_____, ¾_____ or all


Patties: this is a southern blend seasoned sausage that comes in a 2 pound package (10 patties) $2 per package.

# of packages __________or ¼____, ½_____, ¾____ or all


Bratwurst: Delicious! 6 per package and are $1.25 per pound ( about 1.5 pounds per package)

# of packages ________or ¼___, ½_____, ¾______ or all


Non-seasoned sausage: this is just ground pork. We package it in a one pound pack.

¼_____, ½_________, ¾________ or all


You will also get a rack of Spare Ribs for each half of hog.



All items are in vacuum seal packages except the bratwurst and sausage patties.

Please if you have any questions or want a cut that is not listed then please call us or note it in your return email. We appreciate your business.