Butcher Shops and Meat Processing Johnstown – Licking and Knox County Ohio

Welcome to our website! We are central Ohio’s premiere full service butcher shop and meat processing provider. We have a wide variety of fresh cuts of beef, pork and chicken in our display case daily. We also are happy to cut to order. If you are looking for a specific cut of meat cut to your own personal taste on of our highly trained butchers will be happy to accommodate all your needs.

Here at a’mays’ing Meats we are proud to offer Package specials. These are packages of different meats and sides to make your life easier.

We also are one of central Ohio’s fastest growing animal processing providers. We can locate a whole or half side of beef or pork for you and handle all of your processing needs.

Beef Processing Pricing

Hog Processing Pricing

Deer processing is a large portion of what we do during deer season for our local clients that harvest deer. We can custom process your deer into steaks, roasts, and hamburger. We also have summer sausage, snack sticks and deer brats available.

Now Accepting EBT!